Please note our jewellery is costume jewellery which needs to be cared for properly for you to get the maximum wear and to keep it in perfect condition. We do not offer a tarnish free product, our items are plated with precious metals such as silver, gold, white gold and rhodium. 

Not looking after your jewellery properly is not a fault with the item. 

Your item of jewellery can change colour over time due to the item being rubbed against the skin where it sits. 

Please keep your jewellery away from water including activities such as swimming, bathing and showering.

Avoid items coming into contact with wet body care products such as moisturiser, fake tan, perfume etc. 

Do not wear your items on the sun bed. 

Do not sleep in your jewellery. 

Store your jewellery in the Gypsy Drip pouch when not wearing.